Thursday, 11 March 2010

Website revamp teaser

As usual, it doesn't take much prompting for me to put a picture of an attractive lady on this blog... on this occasion, there's slightly more of a reason than usual. That being that Emily Booth, yes she of several Brit horrors (including Cradle Of Fear, Evil Aliens and Pervirella, all soon to be reviewed on the site) has agreed to be the first in (hopefully) a long line of people sharing their views about Brit horror in special interviews.
The thing about Ms Booth is, not only is she a looker, but she actually LIKES these films, in fact, she's a proper fan with views that stretch further than "Well I quite like that film with the man made out of wicker in it... what was that called again?"
Her interview will form the centrepiece of the re-launch of the BHF website, which itself will tie in with the site's 10th anniversary this spring. Keep an eye on this blog for more details.

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