Monday, 8 March 2010

And exhibit "A" is... "Exhibit A"

Just going back through my e-mails I found one about this bleak-sounding film...

Exhibit A – Now available on DVD

Sometimes it’s not the bumps in the night or the zombies that are the scariest things on film or in life.
Sometimes the scariest thing is other people.
Exhibit A, Best UK Feature winner at the Raindance Film Festival and 3x British Independent Film Award nominee (Best Achievement in Production, Most Promising Newcomer (Bradley Cole), The Raindance Award), is now available to buy on Collector's Edition DVD from
Exhibit A tells the timely story of a normal family disintegrating under financial pressure, eventually driven to the unimaginable. All is not as it seems as the King family go about their day-to-day lives oblivious of the horror to come. Dad Andy (Bradley Cole) is nursing a secret that ultimately leads to terrible consequences for them all. We witness these chilling events unfold through daughter Judith’s (Brittany Ashworth) video camera, which subsequently becomes Exhibit A. The film is inspired by the many men in real life who are known to their neighbours as devoted husbands and fathers, but for unknowable reasons suddenly decide to take drastic action to protect their loved ones.
In Exhibit A we learn that "true horror" is other people… So dim the lights, bolt your door and get ready for an experience that won't leave you the same person.
Written and directed by Dom Rotheroe (My Brother Tom, A Sarajevo Diary) and produced by Darren Bender (The Hamburg Cell), the film is a co-production between Bigger Pictures and Warp Films (Dead Man’s Shoes, This is England) and has left a trail of stunned audiences at festivals all over the world.
The film received support from the Screen Yorkshire and Screen East Production Fund.
Sounds like a laugh-a-minute, eh?

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