Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Danny Dyer gets devilish on the swings (and cocks about on the witches hat, no doubt)

Fangoria's web blog thingy is reporting that a promo for the Devil's Playground, a new film featuring Brit horror alumnuses Danny "you've got to love him, Chris does" Dyer and (yay) Craig "Beyond Bedlam, Darklands" Fairbrass has been leaked onto the net.
The film's producer is none other than Jonathan Sothcott, who used to post on the Brit horror forum on my very own site until he got scared off by some horrid bullies. Jonathan tells Fangoria: "“This market weel leaking out has been incwedibly iwwitating. The Internet has nine million people who love kicking everything new, and they’ve just been given unnecessawy ammunition."
Does that mean it's shit? It sounds like he means it's shit. Hopefully it's not shit. If only because it's about time Dyer got a Bafta for "services to playing a cheerful dope with a drug problem in a British film".

Aanyway, I thought it would be funny to post the clip on the blog, but couldn't find it. So here's the promo from recent Dyer / Noel Clarke / some bird called Emily Booth laugh-and-shit-your-pants-fest Doghouse:

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