Monday, 15 March 2010

Per il vostro diletto ... il Furfangs!

Hello, as there appears to be a dearth of Brit horror related news today, here's a short film. It's not British, but the director did get in touch with me directly, so it seems only fair to big him up a tad. Cos it's a very accomplished work, and apparently it's all him (one man, one camera, etc.)
The guy's name is Andrea Ricca and he said: "We would like to submit to your attention: "THE FURFANGS", five minutes horror-sci-fi short movie, with 3D special effects, low budget. 10.000 contact in a month on You Tube and good reviews on movie web sites."
It's a great little film, too... very Gremlins. Those crazy Italians, eh?
You can find out more about the man and his work here:

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