Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Hellbride... coming to a DVD player near you (if you buy it) later this month!

Once again, not a film I've seen, but ultra-low budget shocker Hellbride gets a shiny DVD release at the end of the month. See if the trailer whets your thingy. By the way, as it's about a wedding, do you think the idea is that it's supposed to look like a wedding video? No? Oh, just me, then.


A cursed engagement ring brings out the worse in a beautiful young bride in writer/producer/director Pat Higgins' darkly comic romantic shocker. Nicole Meadows has a great job, an adoring boyfriend, and a doting father. When Nicole's boyfriend proposes marriage, she eagerly accepts. But as her wedding day draws near, Nicole struggles to contain a dark secret. Her engagement ring once belonged to a woman named Josephine Stewart, who went insane after being betrayed by her fiancée. When the wedding bells start to ring, there will be blood. Fortunately, for the guests who survive, there will be cake as well.

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