Saturday, 20 March 2010

Drip Drip Drip Little April Nutcases at the BFI

The BFI is celebrating the 50th anniversary of (Brit director) Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (somehow you'd think it was older than that) with an entire season of nutters-on-the-rampage films, including a couple of classic Brit Horrors. There will also be talks which will bring together film programmers, mental health specialists (so words like "nutters" will probably be frowned on, ah well) and service users, that explore the representation of mental illness by filmmakers or discuss films in a Psychoanalytical context (blimey).
From our point of view highlights include Michael Powell's career-busting Peeping Tom (pictured above) and Roman Polanski's anti-washing-up odyssey Repulsion (pictured below).

You can find out more here. This is a London-based season and takes place throughout April.

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