Sunday, 21 March 2010

Top Trumps... look familiar?

Somehow, I'd blocked out that I ever owned these, but my mum (bless her) turned up at our house the other day with a battered plastic box and asked if I wanted them. No idea if they're worth any money, or even where they came from... they seem vaguely familiar so they are definitely mine. I think they were probably bought in that peculiar time when you're starting to have a bit more money and you buy stuff you were perfectly entitled to like a year or so ago but now seems a bit childish, but you buy it anyway and then put it in a drawer and forget about it. For girls this is about 8 years old, for boys, more like about 14! (when I foolishly gave away all my Action Men and Star Wars toys).
The reason why I'm bringing them to the attention of the blog is that these hastily-scribbled illustrations (even more hasty and ill-conceived than my own) have obviously been copied ad hoc from posters and photos from real films, then "adapted" to avoid paying copyright. These are the ones with a Brit horror connection (apart from the last couple) - can you spot 'em?


Jim Moon said...

Ah, I remember these well! Hours of fun identifying the borrowed images - IIRC there was a card called Venusian Death Cell that showed a Sea Devil from Dr Who with a severed head!

And why did they show Godzilla wearing a snazzy suit?

Dreadnought said...

That's fantastic!

Can we see the rest?

Eamonn said...

You can see them all here

I like the fact that 'Death' only has a 'Killing Power' of 95/100. Bit harsh, that.

Dreadnought said...

Thanks Eamonn.

Death can look after himself - I'd be more worried if I was "Executioner" with a killing power of just 77. Wouldn't like to be at his next performance review.