Saturday, 20 March 2010

Simon Pegg is Burke, Lee still has some Hare (not bad for his age)

Once again, this isn't exactly news, but Simon "Shaun Of The Dead" Pegg is currently filming John Landis's version of the old Burke and Hare story in its actual setting of Edinburgh.
And although I have a serious problem with any newspaper that reports someone's Twittering as "news" (step forward the Belfast Telegraph - finding stories was a tad tougher in my day) as yes, I too can follow Mr Pegg's ramblings, just as anyone can, here's what he just said about his acting colleague, one CHRISTOPHER LEE.

"Just shot scenes with Sir Christopher Lee - 89 years old and insisted on sticking around for off camera lines, what an absolute gentleman."
Let's hope it's better than this version of the oft-filmed grave robbing story:

And potentially, it would be nice if it was at least as good as this absolute classic version:

Well, we can hope.
The new film also stars Andy Serkis, Isla Fisher, Jessica Hynes, Tom Wilkinson, Hugh Bonneville and Tim Curry.

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