Monday, 22 March 2010

Corror movie?

The Salford Star reports that the young 'uns in Coronation Street will be settling down to watch a home-grown horror films this week. Don't watch Correr any more to be honest, but this does sound interesting for any fans of Brit horror (are there any? No bugger ever seems to post replies on this blog... sniff).

Splintered has been made by Salford based production company Not A Number, and is featured on this Friday.

Characters, Sian, Sophie, Ryan and Lee are shown watching the scary movie on DVD and discussing its details as the tension cranks up in the room (I have no idea why this is happening, sorry).

Here's some details of the film itself:

"I'm really chuffed Splintered plays a key role in Friday's episode of Coronation Street" says director Simeon Halligan "And what's ironic is that the background to the story in Splintered is very much about coming to terms with your own sexuality. This nicely echoes Corrie's Sophie Webster as she begins to realise her own sexual identity.

"It's also interesting that the lead character in Splintered is also called Sophie - and of course, having worked at Granada TV for many years myself and actually on Corrie itself back in the nineties - it seems fitting Splintered gets a nod on The Street before its UK release in July."

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