Monday, 10 May 2010

Wicker Tree, anyone?

Fangoria has posted a long interview with Robin Hardy - no, not Siegfried out of All Creatures Great And Small, you berk, but the man who brought us one of the greatest British horror films ever made - The Wicker Man.
In it, he talks about the much-talked-about belated "sequel" to TWM, now called The Wicker Tree, and also gives a few nuggets of information about he sees the current state of the British horror film industry, to whit:
“In most horror films, especially the ones we make in Britain, you’ve got to have some real bloodstained mess within 10 minutes of the start, or people feel they’re being cheated, right? But their impact is no more horrific than THE WICKER MAN, I’ve been led to believe, and I think this will be the case here.”
Now, I'm willing to hope that The Wicker Tree will be at least okay (it can't be worse than the US version of The Wicker Man, can it? Can it?) but I do have to say that ol' Robin does seem a tad out of touch during the interview, and considering he hasn't done a great deal since 1986 when he was involved in The Fantasist, he has good call to be.
Still, let's keep an open mind...
The film's original working title was Cowboys For Christ, which is shit and I can completely see why the producer changed it. The interview also talks about Anthony Schaffer's aborted sequel to TWM, which, and I can hardly believe this is true, was purported to have a beginning which completely negates the tremendously powerful ending of the first film. Thank fuck that never saw the light of day.
Here's the full interview
And here's a Facebook page for the filum, and here's the official website although there's bugger all on there...

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