Monday, 17 May 2010

Shrieking Sixties book launch in Derby - this Friday

Brit horror aficionado par excellence and all-round good egg Darrell Buxton (pictured above, with his mum) is launching his latest opus, The Shrieking Sixties, with a shindig at Derby's QUAD (which I'm assuming is a cinema of some sort). Now, this book is ace - I know this because not only are some of my reviews in it, but I've got a copy.
Darrell will be doing a Q and A and then introducing top Hammer devil-athon The Devil Rides Out on the big screen. And (ahem) I will be there, lurking in the background. Providing I can find the place. And Derby.
Why not go along, buy a copy of the book, treat yourself to some genuinely good 60s Brit cinema, and have a chat?
The details, courtesy of the QUAD itself:
On Friday 21st May at 8:30pm we are going to have a very special event featuring a Q and A with Darrell followed by an introduction to the classic Hammer film The Devil Rides Out by the man himself.
See you there!

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