Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Brook in 3d fish-fest

The rather lovely Kelly Brook is apparently to "star" (for this, read "wander into shot in a bikini") in the remake of  Piranha in 3D. At the risk of sounding like the kind of neanderthal who posts spurious news on his blog just to include a picture of a pretty girl every so often, I must say that the young Ms Brook is the kind of person 3D glasses were invented for. Eh? Eh? Fwoooarr. Etc.
The full story (not that there's any more than I've written above) is available on the Mirror website (so it must be true). My reasoning for putting it on the blog? Twofold. And I'm not talking about her ample charms. Eh? Eh? Fwoooarr. Etc.
Number one, it's a horror film. Number two, she's British. Yup - spurious.
Number three - there's bugger all else happening in the world of Brit horror...

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