Thursday, 13 May 2010

New spooky filum announced

BBC films are (apparently) set to make a new Stephen "Ghostwatch" Volk-penned ghost story, called The Awakening.
The synopsis runs thus:
Set in post-World War I England in 1921, the film follows a skeptical woman who travels to a countryside boarding school to investigate rumours of an apparent haunting. Just when she thinks she has debunked the ghost theory, she has a chilling spectral encounter which defies all her rational beliefs.
Sounds just up my alley, so to speak. It'll star Dominic "The Wire" West and Rebecca "Dorian Gray" Hall (pictured).


Wendell said...

Rebecca Hall is insultingly beautiful and talented; her "shock value" was one of the reasons I ended up enjoying THE PRESTIGE so much, as I'd never seen her in anything before.

Chris said...

She's not bad, is she?