Thursday, 20 May 2010

New Brit horror - Spiderhole

They're coming thick and fast at the moment, aren't they? Here's another heads-up on a BHF coming your way later in the year...
UK distributor Soda Pictures has snapped all rights to British horror Spiderhole for the UK and Ireland.

The horror, written and directed by Daniel Simpson, follows four art students whose utopian ideal of living as squatters turns into a nightmare when they discover their apparently abandoned mansion is concealing a hidden terror.

Spiderhole features a cast of up-and-coming British talent, including Emma Griffiths Malin (The Hole) and Reuben-Henry Biggs (Starter For Ten) and will be released in cinemas Autumn 2010.
That sounds original, eh? Let's hope there's a bit more to it than that... Reasonable excuse to show the above picture of Ms Griffiths Malin, anyway.

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