Monday, 10 May 2010

All Creatures Great And Smaaaaaaaaaargh! Crunch, splat, squelch, burst etc

Alex Chandon, the certifiable nutcase behind such delights as Cradle Of Fear (review to come soon) is reported to have set up shop in the pretty Yorkshire town of Thirsk, home of the much-loved James Herriot books about sticking your hand up cows' arses and copping up guinea pigs (come to think of it, it sounds right up Chandon's street).
The Yorkshire Post tells us:
The new British horror-comedy film, Inbred, will be filmed in and around Thirsk this summer ready for a cinema release in 2011, by Midlands-based Split Second Films.
Chandon is, apparently, looking for a semi derelict house to film in. You'd've thought he might have found one of those first in the area before announcing his intention to film there, but what do I know?

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