Monday, 19 April 2010

Sublime... now how about a region 2 release?

My favourite film in the history of the world ever is getting a lovely DVD release... sadly it'll only be available in the US for the time being.
Let's start a petition to get the thing released over here! What's that you say? Oops. The film I'm talking about is Horror Hospital, should've mentioned that, probably. Anyway, here's a nice clip, courtesy of the BHF Youtube channel...

And here's some info on the disc itself:

Released on June 15, the film is presented in uncut/uncensored form in a 16x9-enhanced widescreen transfer. It’ll be accompanied by a fresh audio commentary by producer Richard Gordon, moderated by Fangoria scribe Tom Weaver, and includes an extensive still/promo gallery including pics from Gordon’s personal collection and rare lobby cards from Germany.
Although frankly I couldn't give a shit about all that. Just WATCH THE FILM! It's grrreat.

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