Friday, 2 April 2010

Ready teddy go...

Stuffed toys... they're pretty scary, right? Well the makers of this short film certainly hope you think so.
Apologies to Dan Brownlie, who got in touch with me AGES ago to tell me about his 24 minute epic, Bear Scary.

He said:

"It's 24 minutes long and was originally meant to showcase our talent and get us funding for a feature film (which it has). But everyone felt so good about it we decided it needed more exposure. The film's budget was £2000 which £1,500 went on equipment.

"It's the first official film from brand-B corporation and was filmed completly on location, which was an old care home (apart from the bathroom scene which was shot in my flat).

"We had 6 days to shoot it as the builders came in just after we left. We had 3 exploding lights, one near blindness, an actress who vanished on role call and we had to grab the nearest person we could find to fill in (spot which one) and a burglary while shooting.
"All the music was provided by bands I've been in or know, and everyone worked for the love of it."

The film is described as a camp/dark comedy in the vein of gremlins. All effects were practical and executed by the inhouse fx team Blood & Cookies so it has a very warm feel to it, that so far everyone we've screened it to enjoyed.
Lauren  turns up to babysit one of her regulars and decides to invite her friend round.
She gets into an argument with her mates tag along and ends up taking it out on the child by throwing his favourite teddy bear out of the window.
This is where it all starts to go wrong for Lauren and her companions as they soon find out how spiteful childs toys can be...

The link Dan supplied me with doesn't work any more (it's been that long) but if I find it I'll let you know... sounds (and looks) like a corker.

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Dan said...

This film is available from and there's some micro horror films and trailers as well.

Dan Brownlie (director and stuff)