Wednesday, 7 April 2010

DVD box set bonanza

Amazon, believe it or not, are having a sale on DVD box sets. Yes I know, it's incredible, isn't it? They hardly ever have sales on, do they? It's an absolute shocker. Wow. Astonishing. I'm amazed.
Aaaaanyway, I had a quick look and dug up a couple readers of this blog may be interested in... You know, everyone's busy putting DVDs in sales these days, aren't they? Anyone would think they were pretty much worthless in 2010. Can't think why.

First up, series one to four of the new Doctor Who. Get yourself re-acquainted with Messrs Ecclescake and Tagnut for just 50 English squid before Mr Smith makes you forget who they both were (that first episode was an absolute cracker, wasn't it?)

Then revel in the delights that were series two and three of the "adult" (or as I prefer to remember it, "even more childish") version of Doctor Who, Torchwood. And watch series one, if you fancy a laugh (god it was awful. Series two and three, though? Ace). Once more, just 50 poonds gets you this...

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