Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Comedian talks Lee, Hammer and Swank (that's Hilary Swank)

The dude who played The Comedian in Watchmen, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (yes, I thought it was Robert Downey Jr as well) has been talking about his role in the upcoming Hammer film, The Resident, which also stars (drum roll) the ubiquitous dude CHRISTOPHER LEE. Give it a rest, dude, that's two blog posts today you've featured in.

Jeff (as I call him) tells Fear Net:
"The Resident with Hilary Swank," he said, "It's Hammer Films' comeback. I don't know if you know Hammer Films, but they did all the Dracula's, the Christopher Lee movies back in the [day]. So in thirty years this will be the first movie back, and I play a really creepy dude in that movie. It's beyond creepy. I saw a rough cut of it a couple of months ago, and it's super creepy. Even for me to watch it, I was like, "Who is that guy, man? I do not want to hang out with that dude!"
He obviously likes the word "dude". Then again, so do I.

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