Friday, 18 March 2011

RIP Michael Gough

One of the true greats of British horror cinema, Michael Gough, has passed away aged 94. Gough was a fine, fruity actor who never gave less than 100 per cent in anything he did, playing complete fruitcakes in Konga and Trog, and, of course, the potty doctor in Horror Hospital. And let us not forget his turn as Alfred in the original Batman films. Tis a sad loss, although he had a good innings. In a way he seemed a lot older than 94, given his appearance as a seemingly middle aged man in Hammer's Dracula waaaaayyyy back in 1958...

He appears right at the end of this clip from Norman J Warren's Satan's Slave, in which he plays a (drum roll) psychotic nutcase. "Stephen! The fire extinguishers!"

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Su_Tune said...

Whoa! Sorry to hear that a part of the Horror Hospital family is gone. He was awesome in that. But, 94! Thumbs up on such a long life!!