Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Gathering - finally gets a UK airing on DVD

I remember reading about this years ago (probably about 2002, in fact - a British horror film with Christina Ricci in it. Then, nothing. Apparently it got a limited release around the rest of the world, but didn't actually make it to these shores. Until now, that is, almost a decade later. Wonder why?
Actually, I can find out why. The IMDB seems to suggest it didn't get a cinematic release in the UK, but according to Wikipaedia it did come out on DVD, and has been shown on the Beeb at some point. It also got a critical mauling.

I'm assuming this is simply a selection of clips of Ms Ricci in a variety of tight trousers and vesty tops, and NOT the highlights of the film. Cos if they are the highlights of the film, it must be monumentally shit. Although, let's face it, with a release history such as it has, I'm betting that it is, basically, monumentally shit.

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