Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Hammer's The Resident: Strangest movie tie-in ever?

In what has to rank as the most bizarre thing I've read for a while, the latest Hammer release, The Resident, is  being sponsored by Timpsons the key people. Apparently as well as being a bit shit, The Resident is a salutory tale reminding people to lock their doors, lest some nutcase breaks in and does something nasty. You are reading this right, I am not pissing around. What next? Swan Vestas present The Wicker Man?

LONDON, 8th March 2011 -- Icon Film Distribution has teamed up with Timpson Ltd. for the upcoming release of new Hammer horror film THE RESIDENT to offer a 10% discount to people changing their household door locks in a move to raise awareness of home security.
Produced by British horror institution Hammer Films, ‘The Resident’ stars Oscar® winner Hilary Swank, alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan and BAFTA Fellow Sir Christopher Lee, who first made his name in the Hammer films of the 1950s. A tense thriller, the story follows Dr. Juliet Deverau (Swank) as a woman who moves to live alone in a new apartment, only to slowly discover a terrifying fact: that someone else also has a key, and is creeping into her apartment while she sleeps.
While the film’s story is deliberately told for terror, the general issue of security that it raises will nonetheless hit home with many of the UK’s tenants and homeowners. “It’s surprising how many people never even consider changing the locks when moving into a new home, despite the fact that so many people would also admit to still having a key to an old residence of their own”, says Adam Jackson, co-founder of the UK Locksmiths Association.
Around 37,500 homes change hands every year, with many buyers unaware that at least one spare set of keys is still in circulation with a third party. According to a survey conducted by NOP on behalf of insurer NIG, over half (58%) of British residents give away spare sets of keys to their home, and the rate at which spare keys are not reclaimed is highest in rental properties, where 7% of tenants do not reclaim spare keys when they move on. Another survey, conducted by Halifax Home Insurance, found that 12 million adults have lost their keys over 6 times in the last ten years alongside identification or address details and still did not change their locks.
“Moving house is a highly stressful experience so it is no surprise that securing your new home by changing the locks can be overlooked,” says Tony Sharpe, Head of Business Development-Lock & Key Services at Timpson, “but this simple procedure guarantees that you are in control of who has access to each and every set of keys.
A 10% discount is available on bookings made with Timpson Locksmiths by calling their freephone hotline on 0800 0187 187 and quoting “The Resident”. The discount applies to the installation of door and window locks at domestic residences only.
The UK Locksmiths Association is also encouraging its members to honour the offer. A list of their licensed locksmiths can be found at
The Resident is released in cinemas nationwide on Friday 11th March, rated 15.

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