Friday, 4 March 2011

New short film from London To Brighton makers looking for sponsorship

Not (by the sound of it) horror, but the company behind the borderline BHF London To Brighton are looking to raise funds for their next venture, details below...

Cold Warrior is the latest short film from award winning writer/director, Emily Greenwood, and is being produced by BAFTA nominated production company, Wellington Films.
A Cold War drama/thriller set in Romania in the run up to the 1980 Moscow Olympics follows the story of Ana, a young gymnast struggling with the limitations of her body against the mighty powers of a Communist state that’s pushing her to win gold at any cost.
The film is inspired by abortion-doping allegations that have come to light in recent years. It has been said that gymnasts, some as young as fourteen, were impregnated through artificial insemination under the guise of state ordered pregnancy tests. The girls would then be forced to undergo traumatic abortions after a 3-4 month term. The pregnancy and the consequent abortion would lead to a natural boost of red blood cells and hormones giving the gymnast an undetectable increase in strength.
Cold Warrior follows Ana through her training to the Olympic stage where, with the world watching, she finally shows her life-long coach, and her country, just how strong she truly is.
The film is being part funded and supported by Screen South. The remainder of the funding they hope to raise through crowd-sourcing website, IndieGoGo. To find out more about the content of the film and to support it, please visit the website
For fixed donations towards the film’s budget, the team are offering various perks, from a day on the film set shadowing the director, to being granted a credit on the finished film as an Executive Producer. Once you have donated you will be kept up to speed with the development and production of the film, through weekly updates and video blogs from the team.
If the target amount of $10,000 is reached on the project’s IndieGoGo page the team will donate $1,000 to the NSPCC.

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