Friday, 11 February 2011

The Resident trailer - Hammer's latest

In every city, lots of women live alone, apparently. Well fuck me, when did that happen? Sorry, I'm in a weird mood this afternoon. Here for your delectation is the trailer for the latest film by those doyens of the despicable, those pedlars of something beginning with "p", Hammer. It's not particularly British, but it does say Hammer at the beginning and has a spectacularly be-wigged Christopher Lee in it, so it probably counts for this website. One warning, don't watch it if you have any intention of watching the film, as it appears to show most of the shock moments. It also appears to show a rather by-the-numbers stalk n' slash movie, which, to be honest, is neither my cup of tea or the kind of thing I hoped a revitalised Hammer would be doing. Bring on The Woman In Black, I say. Hammer should be doing Gothic horror, and balls to anyone who says otherwise!


Lubbert Das said...

Awful movie. Pity after the great start they made with Let me in.

Matthew Coniam said...

I basically agree with you about Gothic horror but I thought this looks okay. Christopher Lee looked great, I thought. This is the first of the new Hammer films that I could actually see myself getting off my arse to watch.