Saturday, 12 February 2011

Friday night is black and fright night

Just noticed in my TV guide that this coming Friday evening (that's the 18th, fact fans) there are not one but two dusty old black and white Brit horrors on the UK box. They're both on pretty late, mind, so you might want to set the old recording facility for 'em. Luckily they're both worth watching. First up is The Damned, or to give it it's full title, These Are The Damned, a great little Hammer sci fi thriller featuring a teddy boy Ollie Reed. Then later on there's Seance On A Wet Afternoon, a slightly more sedate affair but still great, which features Richard Attenborough giving it some beans as a cuckolded buffoon forced to kidnap a young girl by his batty psychic missus. It's a bit like a 60s version of Yvette Fielding's private life, if she had ever kidnapped a young child and was psychic. In fact, it's nothing like Yvette Fielding's private life. Not too sure why I wrote that. Anyway, enjoy the films. I won't be (I've already got 'em both on DVD).

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