Friday, 11 February 2011

Jaime Winstone is after them poor cannibals again

Ah, Jaime Winstone. What's not to like? Apart from that oddly-spelled name, which I never really know how to say out loud. One assume's it's "Jamie" as in "overrated chef", but I always read it as "Jaim" as in "posh way of saying jam".

Anyway, the luscious young Winstone (careful now Chris, her dad will batter you) is due to star in a new Brit cannibal flick (what is it with this country and cannibals?) called Elfie Hopkins, which starts shooting on March 8. Which means that for a change, I'm ahead of the game. Well fuck me, that hardly ever happens.

And said dad is in it too, to lend some shouty East End gravitas. I for one am sold.

Jaime Winstone (pictured) is to star alongside her father, Ray Winstone, in ELFIE HOPKINS – a twisted tale of cannibalism set in a British rural hunting village, which begins principle photography on March 8 in locations around Cardiff. This is the first time both actors have worked together.

Jaime plays the title role, a quirky “wanna-be” detective whose appetite for a real-life case is matched by the appetites of a new family (The Gammons) who move into the village. Ray Winstone plays the local butcher and meat is definitely on the menu….

Jaime said today: Elfie Hopkins has been an alter ego of mine for a while now and I can't wait for the world to meet her. She’ll kick ass!. For me, Elfie's a dream role to play and I feel there is a gap in the British film industry which we will more then fill! I can’t wait to work with Ryan Andrews - he is a young and exciting director with a vision that can match my imagination”.

Producer Jonathan Sothcott added:"We're delighted to be bringing Jaime and Ray Winstone together in a movie for the first time. They are both utterly compelling screen actors and we have a script worthy of their combined talents. I know Jaime will make Elfie an instant cult icon and in Ryan Andrews I have a director I think will be seen as a British Tim Burton"

ELFIE HOPKINS is made by Black and Blue Films in association with Ray Winstone & Michael Wiggs’ company Size 9 Productions, The film also stars Aneurin Barnard (Spring Awakening, Ironclad) and Kimberley Nixon (Cherrybomb)

The film is directed by Ryan Andrews, who also wrote the screenplay and acts as co-producer. Billy Murray and Ray Winstone exec produce.

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