Thursday, 3 April 2008

Within The Woods update

Here at BHF Towers (he said, nicking the TV Cream's idea and then regretting it, so we won't be calling our 30s semi that any more) we've had another missive from Richard Adams, producer of Within The Woods, a smaller-than-usual budget Brit film. And here it is...

I thought I'd put a quick note out to everyone here who has shown interest in the "Within The Woods" project so far.We have finished the first, main section of shooting, which was harrowing, manic and fraught, but ultimately very rewarding and what we have edited so far is looking really promising.
As we are filming straight to Hard Drive, we've been able to check shots on the same night (and when I say night I mean at 5 in the morning when we've been finishing shooting!) and therefore have only two days of pickups scheduled later this month. 95% of the film is now done, with only a few extra locations to be used for a couple of days.
We have been really lucky with crew and actors; lots of up and coming new talent, mainly from a stage background due to the RSC being just down the road from us, but also lots of TV background too. Michelle Webb on makeup has been the real driving force behind the scenes and her previous experience on 3 other zombie horror films has really helped. (Her work on the film Colin will finally get to be seen now as they have a release date now scheduled)I have attached a few links for you to see how things are going:
1) Facebook site - 450 members and growing daily - lots of behind the scenes pictures of cast, crew and SFX
2) Facebook fansite - for actual stills and where the trailers and scenes will be displayed.
3) Youtube site - I have attached this rather low quality version of a montage of scenes so you can get a rough idea. This is for PR only and is meant as a way of seeing what we've been up to so far. This is NOT a proper trailer so things will be getting better.
4) Yousendit - If you want to download the full actual Quicktime file of the above trailer, this is where you can find it, it takes a minute or two to download and will give you a much better idea, although even this is still not graded or filtered properly yet.
I will carry on sending these occasional updates to keep everyone in the loop about things; we have a new website being designed as you read this, which will be a much better representation of the amount of time and effort we've been putting into this all. There are three days when people will be able to come to set - 28,29,30th of April, so please let me know as soon as possible so I don't have to turn people away if we get too busy.
We are doing a fair few interviews right now, for local press, TV & radio, national magazines, and fansites so please let me know if you would like to schedule a chat or meeting. We are based in the Midlands, in Warwickshire, and are filming in Oxfordshire, but we travel to London fairly regularly if needed.

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