Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Captain Kronos returns!

Captain Kronos himself, the great Horst Janson (who obviously has some kind of painting in his attic, judging by the picture here) will be guest of honour at this year's Festival Of Fantastic Films in Manchester.
Who knows? This year the FOFF might even be graced by yours truly. But let's not go nuts.
Anyway, you can find out more here:

That saucy brunette from the more laddish end of your Sky programme guide is due to make an appearance too, apparently. Quite why she'd actually want to have a bunch of tubby pale 40-something chaps breathing their lager fumes over her is anyone's guess. Perhaps that's the kind of bloke she goes for...
Yes. Of course she does.

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stangerlore said...


I just love the comment on how Cap Cronos has a picture in his antic.

Thing is looking at him he probably does ;)