Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Beyond the Rave

Hammer's long-awaited (it says here) return (it also says here) to the world of films (it sort of says here)... hang on, I've lost my thread. Where was I?
Ah, yes...
Unfortunately, some berk has ressurected the Hammer name and attached it to what, unfortunately, looks like a not-very-good-idea-at-all called Beyond The Rave, which premieres on MySpace in two (count 'em) days. Book your place in front of your laptop now.
Or rather, don't. Why the bloody hell they couldn't have made a decent cinema film which trades on the Hammer name is frankly beyond me. But if you look at this link, and like the look of it, then perhaps you're the audience they're actually looking for, and not me.
Because the video for Pulp's Common People aside, anything with Sadie Frost in it is, frankly, enough to make me want to pull out my own eyeballs and wipe my arse with them. There, I've said it.

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stangerlore said...

I just wish they let Hammer die with dignity :(

Don't get me wrong I loved Hammer but it is/was very much of it's time it's a bit like when your dad used to be 1974 Leicster Regional Disco Champ and then shows you his moves at a wedding reception in 2008.

Embarrassing,sad and nothing like what it used to be.

Also what does it say about a company when they premiere a film on MySpace....I mean not even on Facebook (which is the thing kids use now).
It feels as if they watched a documentory on The Balir Witch film and forgot that the whole net film idea is as old as the sandwhich.

Still I live in hope of being proved completely wrong but I am not putting a penny on that.