Friday, 29 July 2011

Stalker artwork unveiled

My old mate (well, we met once - she touched my arm!) Linda Hayden is in an upcoming psycho-thriller style horror called Stalker, which is apparently directed by one of the blokes out of Spandau Ballet (go figure). Here's the artwork and a bit of info...

Black & Blue Films release new artwork for Martin Kemp’s STALKER ahead of its UK theatrical release on Oct 10

The much anticipated psychological chiller, which marks the feature-film debut of actor Martin Kemp, is set to stalk cinemas across the UK from October 10, ahead of its DVD release on October 17.

Jonathan Sothcott said today: "Stalker is the slickest, best-directed film we've made to date and a genuinely well-made, creepy horror film in its own right. We feel it is strong enough to stand a theatrical release in selected UK cinemas and we're looking forward to unleashing it on the world."

STALKER, also written by Martin Kemp, stars Jane March, Colin Salmon, Anna Brecon, Billy Murray, Jeniffer Matter and Linda Hayden.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Exclusive interview with Norman J Warren

It's finally here, and on the main site, my Exclusive interview with Norman J Warren, the man behind Inseminoid, Satan's Slave, Prey and Terror. Be warned, it's long and quite in-depth. So grab yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit, sit in a comfy chair, and enjoy. And don't stab yourself in the eye with that nail file, give birth to alien twins, chop your foot off with a space chainsaw, eviscerate a horny non-lesbian, or get involved in a punch-up with a can of film. Again. Please. I had to clean the mess up last time.

New review! Jake West's Evil Aliens | 2005

What-ho! The main website has finally been updated, so now you can find out exactly what I think of Evil Aliens (not the creatures, the film)...

Jake West's Evil Aliens | 2005