Monday, 18 August 2008

Webkam teaser pics released

Webkam guy James has sent me some teaser pics of his forthcoming Brummie torture epic, which sounds (and looks) like a right bundle of laughs.

He says:

I have decided to release a couple of teaser pics of our film WEBKAM which is going into the edit this month, and will be available Christmas 2008.

The lead is Eleanor James, second lead is Joanne Gale, and Kim Sonderholm is male lead, the film has been shot entirely in England. The directors name is James Layton.

The film is a story of two lifelong friends, one of which is tested to breaking point when the other is kidnapped and tortured. Do YOU have what it takes to save your best friend from certain death?

New book by BHF antho alumnus

The ever-patient Allyson Bird, whose short story "Dissolution" will feature in the soon-to-arrive-I-promise BHF Book Of Horror Vol. III, has a new collection of short stories out. She writes:

'Available now - BULL RUNNING FOR GIRLS!

As my publisher, Steve Upham of Screaming Dreams, is very ill at the moment it is up to me to promote BRFG as best I can. So ....

A selection of adventure-horror stories set in many locations, from the excitement and danger of bull running in Pamplona, to small town life in Madison County, U.S. Stories set amidst the bustle of Hong Kong, on The Silk Road in China and under a hunter's moon in Bordeaux. Then there are those which are much closer to home.

Wonderful cover by British Fantasy Society award winning artist 2007, Vincent Chong. Introduction by Gary McMahon.

"There's a great deal to love about Bull Running For Girls, not the least of this being its promise that we've only seen the beginning of a remarkable career.” Laird Barron

On sale now, but to be formally launched at the British Fantasy Society Convention, September 2008 by Screaming Dreams Press.

About Shadow upon Shadow : When Alice Harwood committed adultery, she expected to pay for it one day but the form and the manner of that payment touched the essence of evil. "A dark tale indeed!" — Ramsey Campbell

On In the Wake of the Dead : Set in 19th Century Sligo, where magic and ritual have terrible consequences for the occupants of Elsinore House. "A potent brew of historical facts and gruesome imaginings" — Simon Clark

"Ally Bird's writing is as clean and crisp as a scalpel blade. Her stories have a firm sense of place and verisimilitude; it's as if we can see the locations she writes about through the eyes of a resident. It is also both refreshing and essential to see a female author embrace the dark side with such empathy and unflinching bravery." — Gary McMahon

"Allyson Bird is a powerful and personal writer" - Andrew Hook

You can read a full review by Laird Barron here:

Or just hop over and buy it from here:

Monday, 4 August 2008

Hitch book... not just one for the Birds (ho ho)

There's a new book on its way, about some fat bloke who made a few filums ages ago.
Okay, okay, I'm not THAT much of a philistine! There's a new book about Hitch on its way, and while he didn't make a huge amount of BHFs (erm, one at the last count, and that's debateable... okay, two if you count 'The Lodger'. Or one, if you count 'The Lodger' and then discount 'Frenzy').
It's by the people who brought us 'The Hammer Story', and let's face it, that was a mighty fine tome. Here's the details...

The Alfred Hitchcock Story

“A magnificent book for any connoisseur of the Master of Suspense”
- Total Film

“Lavishly illustrated throughout with rare stills and behind-the-scenes photos… Both a treat to look at and a pleasure to read.”
- Film Review

With 2008 marking the 50th anniversary of the award-winning and twice Oscar®-nominated movie Vertigo, Titan Books is launching a brand new edition of the stunning celebration of the work of Britain’s most eminent director: The Alfred Hitchcock Story [22 August 2008, £24.99].

The first comprehensively illustrated look at the career of Alfred Hitchcock, this hardback volume comes in the tradition of Titan’s acclaimed The Hammer Story, providing an authoritative, film-by-film guide to 'the Master' and his work, from the early silent days of The Lodger, through his classic British period of The 39 Steps, to the Hollywood success of Rear Window, Vertigo, North by Northwest, Psycho and beyond.

Packed with hundreds of stills and posters, with many rare or unseen images, The Alfred Hitchcock Story also includes additional features on the director's famous cameos and is introduced with a foreword by Psycho star, Janet Leigh.

Taking readers on an exploration of the groundbreaking work of a director whose influence remains firmly intact throughout modern cinema, this is the ultimate book for Hitchcock fans and an invaluable resource for any film aficionado.

“[Ken Mogg] perhaps knows Hitchcock and his milieu better than any other film critic.” – Dan Aulier, author of Hitchcock’s Notebooks and Vertigo: The Making of a Hitchcock Classic

“If I had to recommend one book on Hitchcock… this would be the one.”
– Bill Krohn, author of Hitchcock at Work

Ken Mogg is the editor of the highly acclaimed magazine and website The MacGuffin, the foremost source of Hitchcock-related discussion and news on the Internet. He corresponded with Hitchcock and was on the set of his last film. He lives in Melbourne.

# # #

The Alfred Hitchcock Story (Revised Edition)
Ken Mogg. Foreword by Janet Leigh
Titan Books 22 August 2008 • Hardback • £24.99 • 192pp • ISBN-13: 9781845767082