Sunday, 26 April 2009


Those cheeky chappies responsible for Evil Aliens (a film I've not seen yet but that is on my reviewing pile) are about to unleash the above on an unsuspecting public.
Looks like it might be a larf (considering the larf free zone the similar sounding Lesbian Vampire Killers was, that would be no bad thing).

Vince (Stephen Graham) is handling his divorce badly.  He’s depressed. Gone to pieces.  But his mates aren’t giving up on him.  Struggling with their own women troubles, they drag him off for an ultimate lads drinking weekend in the country. Arriving in the village of Moodley where the women outnumber the men 3:1, the boys find themselves holidaying in a village overrun by psychotic, homicidal Zombirds with a thirst for male flesh!
The cast includes BAFTA winner Noel Clarke (Adulthood,  Kidulthood), Danny Dyer (The Football Factory, Severance), Stephen Graham (The Damned United, This Is England), Lee Ingleby (Place of Execution), Emil Marwa (East is East), Keith-Lee Castle (Young Dracula) and Neil Maskell (Rise of the Footsoldier, The Football Factory).