Friday, 19 November 2010

The Hike stars at Brum Memorabilia Show

Don't know much about this film, which sounds suspiciously like a remash of The Descent (not that that would be a bad thing, necessarily)...

Cast and crew from new British horror movie The Hike will be attending the Winter Memorabilia Show at Birmingham's NEC this weekend, show organisers have announced. Director Rupert Bryan and The Hike�s stars will be holding promotional signings and on-stage Q&A panels on both days of Memorabilia, as well as showing exclusive footage of the upcoming film.

Starring Tamer Hassan (Dead Man Running; Clash of the Titans), Barbara Nedeljakova (Hostel; Pimp), Zara Phythian; Ben Loyd Holmes (Torchwood; Bones), Stephanie Siadatan, Jemma Bolt, Lisa Maria Long, Daniel Caren and Dominic LeMoignan, The Hike follows an all female hiking expedition that takes a turn for the worse when the girls find they are not alone in the woods.

"The Hike is a very emotional story, with really strong characters," said director Rupert Bryan. "In one way, it's a thriller that is very much about the chase and the kill, but on another level it is a story of realism. The film is set in a situation we could all find ourselves in, with people we all might know."

For more information about The Hike and the Memorabilia show, please visit:

I wanted to go to the Memorabilia Show this weekend but won't be able to make it. Could someone say hello to Valerie Leon from me? I don't know her, but say hello anyway.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

bhf site back up

Two quick things - firstly, the bhf site is back up and running. Secondly, this is a test to make sure i can blog from my new phone! Which could usher in a new era on the site...
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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Website down

Sorry if you're a regular user... the BHF website is currently down. Mainly cos I haven't paid the bill, so the automated system has kicked in. I've contacted the guy in charge, and the money's waiting, so hopefully we'll be up and running again soon!