Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Now THAT'S a woman

The fabulous Filmbar70 are holding another screening, following the success of Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue. It's not a Brit horror, but on the plus side they did send me a link to the above, which is their tribute to the rather wonderful Edwige Fenech.
You can find out more about lovely Edwige, and see their tribute to star of vaguely British horror Living Dead... Ray Lovelock, on their YouTube channel.
Ah, Edwige...

Ahem. Aaaaaaaanyway, the next film being shown at the Filmbar will be The Stabilizer, which I doubt is a film about some bloke attaching extra wheels to his Raleigh Chopper so he can learn to ride it (although it would be fun if it was). It's happening on the evening of July 21 at Roxy Bar & Screen, 128-132 Borough High Street, London Bridge.

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