Monday, 19 July 2010

Further to that bring back horror to the telly post...

Just realised that I didn't exactly give a great deal of detail in the post t'other day about bringing back those old horror double bills to terrestrial telly. You can find out more about this laudable (if unlikely) campaign on their Facebook page here. Funnily enough, I noticed that after I'd publicised their little campaign on Saturday, there was Dr Terror's House Of Horrors in the listings. So they do still get an airing, occasionally (usually with a certain amount of ironic timing as well, by the look of it).

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Anonymous said...

Along with Dr Terror, I've got most of the Amicus/Hammer/Tigon offerings on somewhat-degraded VHS tapes from broadcasts in the 1980s. Then, like all TV, it was 4:3; seeing modern widescreen broadcasts shows just how much is missing from my collection (about half). How I long for a BBC TWO season of Saturday Night Frights - show a Universal b&w at 10:00, followed by one of the British masterpieces - or even Dracula AD1972!
What do we pay our licence fees for? Auntie Beeb should give us what we want!