Friday, 23 July 2010

Lemon entry, my dear readers

The hype over the new BBC Sherlock Holmes show appears to have reached as far as the west coast of the good ol' US of A, with the California Chronicle doing a little article about the previous encumbents, including one Christopher Lee and one Peter Cushing.
But whither A Study In Terror? Eh? Eh?

I have to say that here at BHF towers we're reasonably excited about the new Holmes (well, as excited as we ever get about modern television). Sherlock Holmes! Written by Stephen "Doctor Who" Moffat and Mark "League Of Gentlemen" Gatiss! Starring potential Doctor Who Benedict Cumberbatch! How can it fail? Oh yeah, it's got interminable tosser Martin Freeman in it. Still, you can't have everything. Come back Jude Law, all is forgiven.

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