Sunday, 14 December 2008

What do you call a French bloke from 1066 with a hundred rabbits up his bottom?

That's right, Norman Warren (ba-doom-bish).

Anyway, regular readers may recall that we mentioned Mr Warren (esteemed creator of works such as Prey, Inseminoid and Terror) was in that London on Friday, talking about his early career.

I couldn't make it (not having the train fare, petrol or any connection with London at all) but the evening's organiser Jo did tell me:

"We had a great time last night - the audience really enjoyed the event and it was great to hear Norman talk about his early film-making experiences. There could have been more people in for Prey but Sally Faulkner was good value.

"Unfortunately, Terry Marcel couldn't make it as he had a business meeting but the audience cheered when they heard that there's a possiblity he might be able to raise money for a sequel to Hawk the Slayer! The evening also saw the advance release of the soundtracks of Prey and Terror, both by Ivor Slaney. It has a fantastic colour booklet inside with lots of stills. Anyone interested can email"

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