Wednesday, 10 December 2008

All I do each night is PREY... hoping that you won't rip my gizzards out and eat 'em

Ah, Norman J Warren's Prey. An everyday tale of angry lesbians, dog-faced aliens, sewage swimming and alarming cannibalism. And if that doesn't make you want to watch the thing, I don't know what would.

Jo Botting from the BFI has been in touch to say that the film is getting a showing on the big screen this Friday (December 12) at BFI Southbank, London - introduced by Norman himself (the trendy maths teacher of Brit horror) and Sally Faulkner (one of the lesbians from the film, who I'm sure will have a few toe-curling tales to tell about the general thinking going on at the time regarding the inclusion of people of that sexual persuasion - let's put it this way, it wasn't striking a blow for the women's movement).

Jo says:

It's on at 8.30, NFT3. At 6.10, Norman will be onstage with director of photography Brian Tufano (Quadrophenia, Bladerunner, Billy Elliott, etc.) - they met as schoolboys and made some short films before their careers really took off so they'll be showing some of their early stuff and talking about it.

We'll also be showing trailers for Norman's first two features, HER PRIVATE HELL and LOVING FEELING. All info can be found at

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