Saturday, 13 December 2008

Hammer doc coming soon

Jeff Herberger has been in touch to tell about the new documentary about Hammer called “The Fanex Files- Hammer Films”.
The doc tells the story of the history of Hammer Films from the point of view of the writers, directors and stars who made the films themselves.
Jeff said: "Hammer Legends Val Guest, Jimmy Sangster, Freddie Francis, Caroline Munro, Richard Gordon, Ingrid Pitt, Yutte Stensgaard, Veronica Carlson, Michael Ripper, Barbara Shelley, Virginia Wetherall, James Bernard and Christopher Lee all appear in this new Documentary Film that will be released on DVD by Alpha New Cinema."

There are three trailers available on the You-biquitous (see what I did there?) YouTube, including the one above. Here's the links:

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Sophie said...

Hi there,
I'm a film researcher... looking for horror films from around 1959 that blur with science fiction, and have 'horror-of-armageddon' type themes... they don't necessarily have to be British - but they need to be independently owned (not by Paramount, Warner Brothers, etc). Does anyone have any suggestions? It's for a documentary about 1959. I'd appreciate any suggestions! Thanks, Sophie