Saturday, 29 March 2008

Within the Woods

Luke Massey has been in touch to tell the BHF about a new film he's working on at present.
"We at Green Manalishi Productions are currently filming a new "zombie" horror movie called "Within The Woods". Named after Sam Riami's original short story before Evil Dead, this is a gritty, stark view of the the potential of the avian flu pandemic and it's effect on two groups of young adults over a 24 hour period. Its not a traditional zombie movie, but has lots of the traits that you'd expect from one, including lots of violent, gory death scenes and a dark, nasty location.
"Set in the West Midlands area of the UK, the film starts with two characters smuggling in wild birds from the Far East, getting infected by a strain of the H5N1 virus that has mutated and can infect humans, first killing them, then turning them into savage, bloodthirsty undead. The cast is mainly unknown outside the UK, but have some very interesting experience and background to bring to the role, including an RSC background for a couple of the cast.The film is being directed by Luke Massey (currently no1 on the uk myspace filmmakers listings) and is his first feature, following on from his BBC and short film background.
"The budget of the film is coming in at under 10,000 pounds due to the unique methods of filming and production that are being used and we are looking for reviews and interviews that would allow us to talk about this in more detail. Filmed on HD, with lots of on-site editing, and crucially, with a distribution deal already in place; this is going to be a big thing this year, watch this space...I have attached the working cover of the film, and you can find some mid-production pictures, stills and behind the scenes on the facebook group that I've set up fo the film as we go forward (actual website to follow)"

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stangerlore said...

I suppose it was only a matter of time before H5N1 got the horror treatment(that hospital super bug will be next) but I like micro-budget films and will look out to pick this up.