Sunday, 30 March 2008

BHF anthology 3 - those successful so far

Here's a list of the authors and stories whose work has made it into the Third BHF Book Of Horror. There's some genius work amongst this lot...

A Deformed Anatomy by Paul Adams
Calhoun Despairs by Martin J Parsons
Clearing by Alex Guttridge
Dissolution by Allyson Bird
Dracula AD1982 by James Stanger
Missing Persons Report by Sam Dawson
Rango by Ryan Taylor
Slaves Of The Mummy by Matt Finucane
Snow Man by Paul A Freeman
Sunrise by Neil Christopher
The Cleaner's Story by James Brough
The Interview by Jason D Brawn
The Man In Black by Paul Moody
The Uninvited Guest by Julian Jones

The original idea of the anthology (for newcomers) was to give the stories a British horror film theme, however subtle. I've widened this approach slightly so some of the stories haven't necessarily got an overt link to a particular film, but have a similar "feel" to the films of old. Aaanyway, back to the proof reading... I'll give a further updated on submissions soon.


stangerlore said...

More than excited about this and I also recognise a few of the others from thier work in other places.

So proof momentum has grown since book 2 :D

mocata said...

how's things going with antho 3 anyway? Any further along since the last mention?