Saturday, 29 March 2008

About is back, apparently

About a month ago now I got an e-mail from Mark H Harris, telling me this:

"It's been gone for a while, but I'm pleased to announce that's Horror/Suspense site ( is back -- bigger and better than ever. Now under the iron fist of the creator of (that being me),'s horror site features all new, all original content, including news, reviews, photos, trailers, TV schedules, box office charts, conventions, bios, articles, top pick lists and more. So, come on back and check out what's new!"

So now I'm telling you lot.


Anonymous said...

Chris, I'm puzzled as to why the first link in this post is to blogger's homepage. A mistake, surely?

Chris said...

Weird. I just cut-and-pasted it from his e-mail, and something changed it! I've changed it back anyway...