Thursday, 1 March 2012

New comedy horror novel now available on Kindle

I've published my comedy horror novel "Dead Weight" on Kindle, and I've kept the price very low, so why not have a shufty? It's a mickey take of those old pulp horror novels from the 70s by people like Hutson and Herbert, but also works as a stand-alone thriller with some gory set-pieces and a proper scary bad guy. It also references some old Brit horrors (had to, really). I've had a few ideas for a follow-up bouncing around my brain since I finished this... depending on interest I might give it a go!
(Kindle is also offering the first few pages for free as a taster)


Anonymous said...

Golly gee, why not post a link to it then?

Singlem said...

As a horror writer myself, and a big fan of the old portmanteau movies, I wish you every success with your novel. And please feel free to guest blog on my site

CT said...

Is this the place to comment re horror films chris? I have plenty to say being a horror film nut.