Sunday, 2 October 2011

A very unhappy birthday, to you

Word reaches me of a new release which is described as a hip new take on that perennial fave, The Wicker Man. It also, apparently, has a "Hammer vibe", although by the look of it, the sexuality of the whole thing would have had those old cardigan wearers at Bray choking on their pipes.
It also stars, by the look of it, Brit horror legend David McGillivray, perhaps better known for his work behind (or at least to one side of) the camera. So it, one would imagine, worth a look. Unhappy Birthday comes out on DVD on October 24.
Here's the gen:
A refreshingly queer take on the classic British horror film and inspired by cult classics such as The Wicker Man and Hammer House of Horror, Unhappy Birthday has a playfully retro vibe, a healthy irreverence and a deliciously deviant heart.
A surprise birthday party becomes a living nightmare for city-dwelling couple Sadie and Rick and their friend Jonny. They are invited to visit the remote tidal island of Amen by Corinne, an enigmatic local who hopefully holds the answers to long-buried family secrets. Amen is populated by a historically close-knit community who discourage strangers from visiting. So why have these three outsiders really been allowed on to the island? Despite the bucolic nature of the island the trio have a growing sense of unease, but they find themselves trapped by the tide and at the mercy of the islanders. As the horror of their situation unfolds, these visitors will wish they'd never been born!

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