Monday, 13 June 2011

Assault in pub

Fancy a bit of 70s Brit giallo? It's still on my "to watch" list and now you can beat me to it, thanks to a rare screening of Carry On horror Assault by those lovely people at the Filmbar in London...

presents Assault
Tues 21st June
Roxy Bar and Screen, London

Filmbar70 is proud to present the definitive British giallo from the creators of 'Carry On', the luridly entitled 'Assault' (1971).
When a sex crazed maniac targets the pupils of an allgirl's school, police detective Velyan (Frank Finley)suspects that the attacks may escalate to murder. When his fears are sadly realised, Velyan enlists the aid of an eyewitness to the crime - plucky schoolteacher Julie West (Suzy Kendall). Yet Julie is unsure of what, and who, she really saw. With the help of a seedy gutter press journo (Freddie Jones), she initiates a plan to trap the killer - a potentially lethal plan that involves her acting as bait…
Hailing from an age where political correctness was but a glimmer in society's eye, 'Assault', is an attempt to transplant the sordid yet stylish murder mysteries of the Italian giallo to UK shores, and contains all the tropes that would become synonymous with the genre - the faulty perception of the protagonist, the expansive array of shifty suspects, the black leather gloves of the killer– albeit situated within the rather less glamorous environs of English market towns.
Produced by 'Carry On' head honcho Peter Rogers and directed by the un-hailed genius Sidney Hayers,'Assault' is graced with a stellar cast of genre favourites. Suzy Kendall (fresh from being terrorised theprevious year in Dario Argento's landmark giallo 'TheBird with the Crystal Plumage') makes for a winsome heroine, Tony Beckley ('The Fiend' himself) provides suitably sleazy support and Freddie Jones channels the spirit of Eric Morecambe to hilarious effect. Also, make sure to keep your peepers peeled for pop sensation David Essex in his explosive first big screen appearance.
'Assault' is Britsploitation at its most wonderfully outrageous and is replete with more male chauvinist pigs, dodgy gender politics and sensationalistshenanigans than you can possibly shake a black leather encased fist at…
In addition to 'Assault', we'll be celebrating the finest of '70s British Grot, with retro ads, trailers and the odd bit of telly. So expect birds, blokes and beer…

'Assault' will be screened on the 21st of June at the Roxy Bar and Screen, 128 – 132 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LB.
Doors open at 7pm, programme begins at 8pm.
£3.00 admission.

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Real Queen of Horror said...

This definitely seems like my type of movie! But it also seems like it's hard to find--boo. ;[