Thursday, 16 September 2010

Halloween Horrorthon in the Midlands

With Halloween coming up, I'm bound to start getting besieged by all manner of crap about "the holidays" from well meaning American people who fail to understand that we just don't DO Halloween over here.
That said, this looks like a rather splendid way to spend the day...
On Sunday, October 31st, there's a Hammer Horrorthon taking place at the Blotts County Club, Nottingham. Films on show will be Dracula, Plague Of The Zombies, Frankenstein Created Woman and The Devil Rides Out, with a slap-up feed to boot. It all sounds ace, and well worth the £37.50 for anyone in the general area.
You can find out more here:

And just as a footnote, isn't that a bloody gorgeous poster? I've not seen it before.

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filmfanatic said...

Hi Chris,
Just a reminder that I've had to postpone the Midlands Hammer Horrorthon due to insufficient audience numbers for the venue. It will be organised again next year to give me plenty of time to promote it.
It's a shame, but possibly there's too much going on for people at the moment & too short notice
Thanks for your support though - much appreciated