Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Sci Fi's the limit!

The BHF has branched out a bit, and is now connected to the mighty Sci Fi Channel (sort of).

Don't worry, I've not gone all telly, although given the shenanigans this week I believe there's an opening on the BBC's film programme - perhaps I should put my name forward...

Anyway, I am now writing the occasional story for the channel's website. Given the fact that what I know about science fiction itself lies somewhere between "fuck" and "all", it's a good job they've asked me to write about British horror. Which is what I'm doing. The first effort is now on the Sci Fi channel's website, and there will be more soon (until they get bored with me banging on about Peter Csuhing and Robin Askwith, anyway).

You can see it here:

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stangerlore said...

Chris by 2010 you will in charge of the Sci-Fi cahnnel,by 2015 you will lead the way in a new invention called "electro jernolism" (this includes discomusic,roller skates and luminecent writing papaer),in 2020 you will carry the whole Sci-Fi channel network in an atom inside your eye now that your a cyborg.
Finaly in 2025 your writing will be imortilised when you resurected Dickie Davis and Big Daddy to read all your work in some religiousy type cyber church and your kids shall inheret the earth.

...or well done mate this is excellent news :)