Sunday, 2 November 2008

Fancy a Brazilian

The jokes about "close shaves" end here. But I was contacted (ages ago... oops) by the organisers of the Fantasy Short Film Festival, a Brazilian festival focused on fantasy, horror and sci-fi short films.

A nice man called Vivi writes:

Our screening sessions take place in São Paulo, one of the most cultural cities.

This year we are going to promote the third edition of this festival and, so far, we have selected more than 100 films, to be screened throughout a whole week in 6 different theaters, including short films and special screenings of feature films.

Our site is:

Apparently, two months ago they were looking for some British entries - let's hope they found some (without my help).
Nice website, by the way!

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Vivibrig said...

Ow a correction only... I am a girl :)
But thanks anyway.