Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Dark Tales on the stage

We've been contacted by Ian Breeds, who has an interesting project on the go in That London next week. He tells us:
"On the 24th August My theatre company is performing a four week tour of the 2 horror plays and 1 thriller that I have written at four fringe threatres in london. I didn't know whether this would be something that you and your followers would be interested in? I am also looking to turn the third play 'the Evacuee' into a horror film, so hopefully in the coming few years you will be able to watch that."

Sounds good, more info below!

The Dark Tales

Fear is a powerful emotion that travels through your body, infecting every inch of you in seconds. Dark Tales; three disturbing horror shows in one night.

Bloody Mary- a dare that takes a turn for the worse

Unsound Mind- a prescription for troubled love

The Evacuee- your past is never laid to rest.

A truly terrifying night, not to be missed and definitely not for the faint hearted.


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