Thursday, 5 May 2011

10th Fantastic Films Weekend sacrifice and horror films festival UK - National Media Museum

June sees the 10th Fantastic Films Weekend take place in Bradford, and this year it promises a load of classic British horror film related goodness. Sadly I won't be there, but you need to go.
Here's some details from Artistic Director Tony Earnshaw:

Our tenth edition is deliberately retro in mood. Wallow in some of the best from Hammer and Amicus. Soak up the blood-soaked delights of a gaggle of female vampires. Re-acquaint yourselves with Messrs Cushing, Lee and Price, the latter celebrating his centenary in 2011.

Our guests include Peter Sasdy, purveyor of such fare as Countess Dracula, Hands of the Ripper and Nothing but the Night, and Jonathan Miller, the man behind Whistle and I'll Come to You, still regarded as the best televisual rendition of any M.R. James tale.

And with the deaths of Ingrid Pitt and Roy Ward Baker we bid farewell to two old f(r)iends. It's fitting that we honour their memories with screenings of their films. For lovely Ingrid, it's a double dose of Hammer horrors. Similarly from Roy’s canon we present The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires and The Vampire Lovers.

Seen them before? Then watch them again where they should be seen: on the movie screen. In the dark. With friends. Or strangers.

Feel the fear...

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